electric car could soon be charged using solar cells while moving

electric car could soon be charged using solar cells while moving -

A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University has found a way to charge an electric vehicle battery while the vehicle is in motion and with a greater effectiveness. However, it only works on a sunny day. It is made possible by wiring four perovskite solar cells in series lithium batteries directly photo-load. The efficiency should be 7.8 percent, which is considered the most effective configuration to date.

Liming Dai, head of the research team said they had found the right match between the solar cell and the battery while others have used polymer solar cells to charge batteries lithium, but not with this kind of efficiency. In addition to that the coupling seems to have surpassed all other remaining pairings photo-load components and compatible batteries or super-capacitors.

perovskite is chosen because it is one of the most promising technologies of solar cells with the ability to convert a wide spectrum of sunlight into electricity compared to silicon-based cells. It has a crystalline material whose structure is identical to the name of the same ore. The ability of the latter to perform the energy conversion and energy conservation is considered the highest in efficiency compared to traditional energy sources.

The Dai team perovskite make a single movie from three layers of cells wired and four of 1 mm square cells in series. This arrangement provides solar electricity, the power conversion efficiency of about 12.65 percent. When the prototype connected to small lithium-ion coin size, the team able to make the conversion and storage efficiency by 7.8 percent and maintained over a number of cycles.

The panel will be set on top of a car that is installed facing the sky and have about 7 square meters surface (75 square feet) giving it a different aspect of the appearance of the traditional car.

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