All electric cars in Formula E series explained by a simple video

All electric cars in Formula E series explained by a simple video -

Formula E is similar to Formula 1 motor racing competition which held periodically. The only difference is that Formula E is for all electric cars while Formula 1 is for classic cars. The similarity is that the car with the fastest speed wins the competition.

All the technology of electric cars is considered quite new in the automotive industry. However, the FIA ​​Formula E organizers have done a great job to make the video to explain how electric cars work in a simple way that even a non-technical person can understand. The video originally aired during the broadcast of the recent race in Buenos Aires. From the video, we can understand how the battery, inverter, motor and transmission work together to make the car can go the distance. In addition to this, in the video, it is also explained what are the limits of the electric car.

In the previous season, the cars that participated in the race were virtually identical. However, for next season, the organizer will allow teams to refine the parts that interact with the battery such as the car will be able to move further in a single charge. Therefore, teams will not be competing in the races, but behind the scenes as well

For more information on the formula E and details, you can visit the FIA ​​website .

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