Toyota launches three new Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota launches three new Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show -

Toyota teases three new concept cars before their official debut at Tokyo Motor Show. These concept cars are vision of enterprise mobility. They FCV Plus KIKAI and FR-S.

S-FR is a yellow car that looks like a hybrid Ford as it comes with a giant grille and a coupe BMW M. It is intended for entry-level buyers as it is described as a fun to drive car and light sport. If this car is not for production, it will be sold around the FR-S Scion in the price of the fleet which is about $ 27,000.


FCV Plus is designed to be able to run on hydrogen fuel cell that is able to produce electricity for use at home or the power the car itself. The storage of the fuel cells is located between the front wheels and the hydrogen tank is located behind the rear seat. More FCV is a strange white car with blue tinted glass.


KIKAI design is more unique than the rest. It displays all the machinery that normally hidden under the body. It is the kind of car that would lead the next generation of Munsters. The concept car has a central driver's seat and three passengers.

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