Four wheels Battery Powered Bike blow Minds

Four wheels Battery Powered Bike blow Minds -

The four bike battery powered wheels is known as E-Wazuma. It seems more robust and colder than typical quad bike that normally seen on the desert or other related places.

E-Wazuma is manufactured by Lazareth, a boutique automaker based in a French village just outside Geneva, Switzerland. It has an electric motor of 40 horsepower installed inside each of the rear wheels and weigh 361 lb-ft with 52 times the new turbo 2017 Porsche Boxster S. The bike has almost zero lag and as soon as it began, the driver can feel the power and torque behind its powerful quad. It is certainly not for the timid.

Outside the building E-Wazuma, Lazareth is also known for building Maserati V8 LM-847 motorcycle that is just starting the Geneva Motor Show. The bike also has four wheels, but they are matched to provide the pilot with the same experience of driving a two-wheeled bike experience traditional riding with enough rubber on the road to handle the output V8.

Although E-Wazuma is just a prototype from now, however, the manufacturer claims they can easily build a version that is able to travel on the condition of the normal route. There is no news on the price or release date yet.

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