Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology

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Explained Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 Publishing Technology -

Mercedes has made many improvements over the next Mercedes Benz E-Class in 2017 edition of the company. Some of them like remote control car via the smartphone application, unlocking and vehicle-based NFC start using adaptive headlights smartphone, 84-LED, onboard the vehicle X communication, the maneuvering aid avoidance, adaptive cruise control, adaptive management, active revolutionary urgency for cross-border traffic, rear seat airbags seat belt, and many others.

Remote Parking Control via the smartphone application

Mercedes calls the parking distance control function that the driver park. Unfortunately, this interesting feature will not come to the United States at this time because it is a feature of Mercedes Connect Me, which is a connected smartphone service used in other countries, whereas in the States STATES, Mercedes offers a different service called mbrace. Hopefully it will be released in the United States soon.

Park Pilot is a function for which the car is able to find a parking space when the parking system is activated. Once found, the driver can leave the car first, then the driver can control the parking of its smartphone application. However, this can only work if the driver and the smartphone is less than ten feet from the car. The function can also be used when leaving the parking lot in a similar manner.

The system also feature in drill mode, so that the driver can shoot straight or backwards in a garage space and make adjustments. This is useful when the parking space is so tight that the driver may not be able to get out of the car after he parked the car manually. Throughout the process, the system is also able to bend the mirror for pressing the car.

Your NFC smartphone is the key to your car

This is a nice feature so that the car can be locked and unlocked using a NFC smartphone as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, and BlackBerry. In addition to this you can also wirelessly charge your smartphone inside the car.

light1 light3 light2 light4

Light System Smarter

Each beacon of class E is incorporated with a single chip LEDs 84 which is an upgrade of the 24 LEDs on CLS-class. In addition to this there are a multibeam adaptive lighting system that can spread widely beam cornering and low driving speed or dim the light to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic.

Vehicle-to-X Communication

Vechicle-to-X is a way for the vehicle to communicate to the central server when the communication between the vehicle for vehicle n has not yet been implemented. An optional kit is already available on the market Euro A-class while class E is still using cell communication to send and receive information on traffic and road conditions to the central server to share with cars near. The only limitation is that it works only Class E for the E-Class model. Therefore, if the whole region, you are the only drive E-Class, then you will not receive information.

In the future, Mercedes will add a new feature by which it can tap into the government based traffic reports. For entry, the company is already in talks with the German authorities to do so. In addition to this, the system does not store any personal information, once the authentication is successful, so, that way, eventhough hackers can hack into the system, but they will not find any useful information.

Apart from the above new features, is expected Mercedes Benz E class have a lot more new features that the company will announce during the North American International Auto Show 2016 in Detroit. Stay tuned for more!

Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers

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Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers -

Jaguar Land Rover has come up with a technology that allows the driver to control the car remotely from ' a smartphone application. It is useful in a scenario where there is a very tight parking lot that is there is no place for the driver to open the car door after parking his car, then the driver will be able to get off the car before the car is parked and standing near the car and control it so that it can perfectly park in tight parking space. The same scenario applies to the output instead of tight parking.

The smartphone app also has the ability to start the car, check the brakes, throttle and steering and gearshifts. When the car is in the remote pilot mode, the car will be able to go up to 4 mph (6 km / h) and the driver with the application Smartphone need to be within 10 meters (33 feet ) nearby in the car so that the work.

Another prototype that appears to be more advanced than the first prototype was revealed recently. The second prototype is able to make its own 180-degree multi-point turn in a narrow street so it is almost impossible for you to make a proper turn. To be able to do so, there are additional ultrasonic sensors that allow the car to assess the environment and make an about-face as needed to turn around.

Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth

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Auto Car Door Technology to prevent your teeth - car door

A team of engineers from Kiekert AG, a German automotive components, working with students at the Erzbischoefliche Liebfrauenschule 'Cologne Business school, to provide a solution for the problem where sometimes, drivers accidentally dent their car doors because they are not careful when they open the door of their particular car in a narrow parking slot.

the solution is substantially a called i-protection technology that works similarly to the collision avoidance systems forward. Therefore, when the driver opens the car door, the system that was placed on the door of the car monitor the proximity of the car door and the nearest concrete about him, whether another vehicle parked , garage walls or other obstacles. If she's got too close, then there could be an alarm to warn the driver or the car door will adjust the speed and energy of the opening set of the car automatically.

Kiekert said patent the invention will be retained by the group of students in the partnership with the company. He won top honors in the [email protected] contest for school students sponsored by Boston Consulting Group.

Although there seems to be a good idea, however, technology is still room for improvement. In addition, the technology should be in place for high-end luxury cars. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial

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General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial -

General Motors is coming up with a technology that is able to track your eye and adjust the direction of the headlights according to the direction of your eye. The problem with the current flagship car is the headlight is always pointed in a straight line regardless of the situation of the road. Therefore, when your car is approaching crosswalks or curves, the lighthouse will always pointed forward. It becomes unpleasant when driving at night or driving in bad weather because there is a part of the road that the driver can not see clearly. The technology will be developed by the engineers of Opex / Vauxhall.

The improved version of car headlight that will be developed by GM will be able to follow the road towards similar to what some adaptive headlights can do, except that it can also move both horizontally and vertically in the direction of your student, even in some strange scenario such as driving in bad weather and in a world situation.


How does it work?

there will be an infrared camera and infrared illuminators that is installed somewhere in the driver's seat, which is able to identify your student and track its movement about 50 times per second. In addition, it can also work even if there is a change in the driver and no calibration necessary that the system will be able to adjust accordingly.

In addition to this, our eyes blink often, therefore it is the algorithm set up so it does not do the headlights jumping up and down erratically whenever the light the driver. Only when the driver looks at a specific direction over a period of time, the headlight system will easily adjust the direction to follow the direction of the eyes.

The lighthouse with eye tracking functionality should be introduced in the next few years, Opel / Vauxhall will be the introduction of mobile headlights without eye tracking capabilities over the next 18 month.

Smart Drive Program Launched in New York to monitor the conduct Habit City Drivers

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Smart Drive Program Launched in New York to monitor the conduct Habit City Drivers -

New York Department of Transportation has recently launched a program for its drivers to keep track of their habits conduct such as the amount of gas they use, when they drive, where they are and how fast their cars are as good as when they brake hard or when they make a tight, fast turns. This program is known as Smart Drive and it comes with benefits. The program offers discounts of up to 30 percent on their car insurance Allstate and incentive of a $ 25 value as mentioned in the program's website.

Smart Drive aims to understand how people drive in the city that will hopefully solve the traffic problems such as the famous dead in New York. The impasse is a type of traffic jam where the continuous queue of cars blocking the entire network of the intersection of the streets in late traffic in all directions come off.

Smart Drive will continue until August 2016. To participate in the program, the pilot needs to plug a device into the diagnostic port of the vehicle (OBD-II) which is available in cars made from 1996 onwards the device transmits data in smartphone app of the conductor such as the dashboard, Metropia and Green Commute Smart Drive and the cloud server. The device, however, does not support hybrid or electric vehicles.

BMW i3 Coming to Copenhagen under the Share Program DriveNow

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BMW i3 Coming to Copenhagen under the Share Program DriveNow -

After the success of the i3 implementation in DriveNow fleets in Germany, United Kingdom and the United States US, BMW has recently announced that the company will add 400 more in its i3 electric car DriveNow service that will operate in line with the Copenhagen infrastructure setting from September 2015.

BMWi said sharing car with electric vehicles is an important step in the initial access opening practice for electric mobility to the general public. With this published statement, he showed BMW's support to reduce traffic and emissions to improve the quality of life of the city through accessible electric vehicles and car sharing. BMW i3 was chosen because it is the first car to implement intermodal routing feature in which public transport services are included in the route guidance of the navigation system. Carpooling can also be considered as a great way to introduce electric vehicles to many more people.

Dr. Bernhard Blattel, head of BMW Group Mobility Services said that in Copenhagen they have already seen the future of mobility. It is at the request of the instrumented, interconnected, quiet electric. They were happy to be able to present the capabilities of the BMW i3 and expertise in mobility concepts future-oriented in the Danish capital.

Blattel added further that BMW i3 and British Arriva PLC, the biggest Copenhagen bus operator were not rivals but BMW provided to cooperate with public transport providers to further develop mobility urban in a customer-oriented and sustainable way.

Volkswagen to study for emissions of fraud

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Volkswagen to study for emissions of fraud -

The German manufacturer is currently under enormous pressure as new fraud surface emission recently. The company is currently under study and things seem not to look good. Volkswagen has also set up a website for car owners to check whether the vehicles they are the model concerned and they need to bring them to the garage.

as much as 28 US states, and other countries like South Korea, Switzerland, France, Italy and especially Germany have opened an investigation into fraud. Even longtime CEO of the company is being investigated, Greg Archer, director of the clean vehicles Transport & Environment environmental group told Reuters that the Volkswagen scandal was just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently it seems that not only Volkswagen, but other companies such as Mercedes, BMW and Peugeot cars produced are reported to use 50 percent more fuel on the road inside the laboratory . Therefore, the gas that is emitted by mass product companies cars are at a much higher rate than the number that businesses claim to be.

It is said that Volkswagen will go up to 11 million cars and commercial vehicles that are containing illegal software. Germany watchdog KBA has set a deadline for the company to finalize the rehabilitation plan is October 7 The EPA also says add more steps in the regulatory process to prevent the situation from again in the future. The scandal appears to have shaken the automotive industry and the German establishment and it seems it will not be easy to regain public confidence.