HUDWAY glass Head Up Display Driver Keeps Vision on the road

HUDWAY glass Head Up Display Driver Keeps Vision on the road -

HUDWAY Head Up Display Glass is a car accessory that can display useful information to the driver while he or she is driving on the road. The device acts as navigation, tachometer and speed cameras. Therefore, the driver is able to know all this information without having to look away, but the road while driving.

HUDWAY began as a mobile app for iOS and Android. He was tried by more than one million mobile phone users and has received positive feedback from them. Therefore, the team behind the applications came with HUDWAY glass and the first prototype was presented at CeBIT 2015 in Hanover for the first time.

HUDWAY glass is made to eliminate the problems caused by the need to project the image to the windshield, as double image, lack of reflection during the day as well as the size of the picture . To use it is very simple; Drivers just need to start any application that supports the HUD on the smartphone and place the smartphone on a cradle with its display and you're ready to go!

HUDWAY glass is currently funded Kickstarter crowd. The device is priced at $ 49 and begins shipping in May 2016 to all corners of the world.

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