General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial

General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its cars Dial -

General Motors is coming up with a technology that is able to track your eye and adjust the direction of the headlights according to the direction of your eye. The problem with the current flagship car is the headlight is always pointed in a straight line regardless of the situation of the road. Therefore, when your car is approaching crosswalks or curves, the lighthouse will always pointed forward. It becomes unpleasant when driving at night or driving in bad weather because there is a part of the road that the driver can not see clearly. The technology will be developed by the engineers of Opex / Vauxhall.

The improved version of car headlight that will be developed by GM will be able to follow the road towards similar to what some adaptive headlights can do, except that it can also move both horizontally and vertically in the direction of your student, even in some strange scenario such as driving in bad weather and in a world situation.


How does it work?

there will be an infrared camera and infrared illuminators that is installed somewhere in the driver's seat, which is able to identify your student and track its movement about 50 times per second. In addition, it can also work even if there is a change in the driver and no calibration necessary that the system will be able to adjust accordingly.

In addition to this, our eyes blink often, therefore it is the algorithm set up so it does not do the headlights jumping up and down erratically whenever the light the driver. Only when the driver looks at a specific direction over a period of time, the headlight system will easily adjust the direction to follow the direction of the eyes.

The lighthouse with eye tracking functionality should be introduced in the next few years, Opel / Vauxhall will be the introduction of mobile headlights without eye tracking capabilities over the next 18 month.

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