Volkswagen autonomous car Completed 1500 mile trip through Mexico

Volkswagen autonomous car Completed 1500 mile trip through Mexico -

A team of researchers led by Raul Rojas, professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, had traveled 1500 miles across the Mexico trek using an autonomous car. The autonomous car that was used for the trip was a Volkswagen Passat station 2010 that is named Autonomos. The road has been pre-programmed into the system before the car journey to get from Nogales in Mexico.

Autonomos was sent from Berlin to Reno and it is legal to be tested on public roads since 2011. In order to complete this journey, he has seven laser scanners, new video cameras, radars September and a highly accurate GPS device. Although the road has been pre-programmed by the team, however, he demonstrated smooth transition when changing lanes and brakes.

Before the trip, the team traveled 4,000 miles in and around Nevada to collect as much data as they could, which in the end they developed to ensure that the system would also be possible without hitch while traveling through Mexico. As a result, the trip was a success. The only question they faced was when they were driving through the cool floor without lane markings. Regardless, they reached Mexico City safely; the whole trip was a total of about one week from the start date October 12 The car traveled 250 to 300 miles per day.

Rojas has experience working with intelligent system since 1986 and began to explore the autonomous system cars since 06. There are two researchers from Freie Universitat Berlin and an employee of an independent search firm vehicle in his team.

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