Nexar Mobile Apps able to understand the road Location Surround There

Nexar Mobile Apps able to understand the road Location Surround There -

Nexar was founded by Eran Shir and Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz last year in Tel Aviv. Since then they have managed to raise $ 4 million venture capital fund Aleph Ventures slow. The company has developed a new free mobile application is currently available in the iPhone with the same name, Nexar.

Nexar is designed to use computer vision to understand the traffic situation around. When mounted on the dashboard of a car, the app will turn to a dashboard cam, but with additional features. Therefore, instead of just passively record the route as a regular board cam, it is able to identify things such as traffic lights, license plates or other cars. In addition to this, it is also able to detect if the driver brakes hard or there was an accident.

Another interesting feature of the application is that if an accident occurs, it is able to recreate the 3D modeling for man to understand what happened in detail, for example, what the angle car was hit, how heavy the impact has been and whether the accident was bad enough that the pilot is injured.

Nexar was running on the beta for the last few months with about 0 cars around the Bay Area for the past few months, mostly with Uber and Lyft drivers. Therefore it was collected and analyzed a total of about 100,000 miles per route per week. In the future, Nexar will also be available as a service. It will not work one more, but more to a network. Therefore, in a scenario where if a user encounters a Nexar rage driver at the wheel, the application will be able to identify the driver again through his / her number plate and when the user meets Nexar / it the next time, applications will be able to alert the user.

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