RollJam - Developing A Universal remote control to unlock any door car

RollJam - Developing A Universal remote control to unlock any door car -

An independent researcher Samy Kamkar built a remote control that is able to unlock all kinds of will to car doors. The universal remote is known as RollJam and interestingly, it can be purchased on eBay for less than $ 50. He tested his own car, a Lotus Elise models from 05 and 07 and the alarm buttons Toyota, Cadillac and Cobra used in other vehicles.

How does the universal remote control? It works by intercepting the authentication codes that are exchanged between the car and key. Whenever the driver locks or unlocks the car, the system generates a different authentication codes. This seems to be fixed; However, the loophole is that there is no delay on the codes and that is when RollJam comes in. RollJam intercepts the transmission, so that the code will never reach the car and it can be used more later, however, it only works on the lock code. Kamkar is reported to be able to convert it to unlock codes.

The device has a limitation that the different cars use different chips for their car doors, Kamkar needs to implement each chip and it only works for the car doors using the same chip the addition several models over several years.

to counter this exploit, it is desirable that pilots must use physical lock their car doors or to always check if an unknown device placed near the car and be very alert when the button n has not unlock the car door correctly. As for the automakers, it is preferable that they implement time to time to synchronize the car key and car door so that the authentication codes can only work within a specified period.

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