With a few extra lines of code in BMW software, Unlock hidden features that car owners want

With a few extra lines of code in BMW software, Unlock hidden features that car owners want -

BMW i3 REx model is the only model currently on the market that is comply with California regulations with its zero-emission electric car, even if it has a range extending engine. This is possible because the range of gasoline (EPA-rated at 78 miles) is more or less equivalent to its battery range (EPA-rated at 72 miles). This number is managed by limiting the driver's ability to fill its gas tank at a minimum of 1.9 gallons.

If we use the i3 REx European version, which has a capacity of larger tank of 2.4 gallons, keeping the gas tank at a minimum of 1.9 gallons means that car owners could have need to frequently stop at gas stations, which could bring an impact on travel time although some owners said they can complete in less than two minutes. Alternatively, car owners could switch to a mode that allows them to save battery power if they know they will use in the near future such as driving on hills.

Another way is to change the coding drive the software by following instructions available online. However, this approach could bring security risks as part of the hardware function may not work or the software update to fix some things might fail.

Some examples of features that can be implemented by modifying the coding of the car such software by allowing the fuel tank to accept full capacity of 2.4 liters, adding the deleted function European "keeping the charge of battery," which allows deleted AM radio, removing the US mandated seat belt warning tone among other things.

These software features are actually already available in BMW i3 American version. However, it is disabled due to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations or the perception of BMW North America of consumer preference.

Apparently BMW i3 American version has no AM radio which is particularly useful for reports of local traffic and headlines. When green BMW Car Reports asked for the reason behind it, the product and technical communications BMW spokesman Rebecca K.Kiehne, responded that AM was not offered because of the negative performance of the influence of electromagnetic interference electric drive train. She added that although she could be offered, BMW performance standards were very high and they do not offer a product that met under these high standards.

By modifying the car's software, it could give a reason automaker to deny warranty coverage for all conditions that consider related changes.


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