Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers

Jaguar Land Rover Smartphone App allows remote control car drivers -

Jaguar Land Rover has come up with a technology that allows the driver to control the car remotely from ' a smartphone application. It is useful in a scenario where there is a very tight parking lot that is there is no place for the driver to open the car door after parking his car, then the driver will be able to get off the car before the car is parked and standing near the car and control it so that it can perfectly park in tight parking space. The same scenario applies to the output instead of tight parking.

The smartphone app also has the ability to start the car, check the brakes, throttle and steering and gearshifts. When the car is in the remote pilot mode, the car will be able to go up to 4 mph (6 km / h) and the driver with the application Smartphone need to be within 10 meters (33 feet ) nearby in the car so that the work.

Another prototype that appears to be more advanced than the first prototype was revealed recently. The second prototype is able to make its own 180-degree multi-point turn in a narrow street so it is almost impossible for you to make a proper turn. To be able to do so, there are additional ultrasonic sensors that allow the car to assess the environment and make an about-face as needed to turn around.

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