Autopilot Features in Tesla Electric Cars will be disabled in Hong Kong

Autopilot Features in Tesla Electric Cars will be disabled in Hong Kong -

officials of Hong Kong Transport Department had ordered Tesla Motors to disable both Auto Autosteer and Lane Change proposed in his system autopilot for the country market. The hands-free systems are considered too distracting for drivers.

In response, Tesla sent a letter to S proprietary model based in Hong Kong to inform that the company has disabled the features which takes effect immediately without the consent of the owners by over-the -air update. In the letter, the company also said they are optimistic to receive final approvals soon. Before that, Tesla has already pilot recommended to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel when the Autosteer is on. However, most drivers chose to trust the system and removed both hands from the wheel.

In separate occasion after discovering videos of proprietary models "abusing the Autopilot function surfaced on the Internet, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that the company would increase to impose restrictions Autopilot feature to prevent it from happening again.

Hong Kong transport authorities of the move should be seen as a slap on the wrist Tesla instead of a bad omen for the overall implementation of self driving cars. It seems that not only Tesla that implements Autopilot function on its cars. Other manufacturers such as Honda and Mercedes-Benz have also implemented similar system in their cars. However, the only difference is that the system of another car manufacturer requires the driver's hands to be on the wheel. If the system finds that both hands are on the wheel, the system is automatically disabled while the Tesla system does not.

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