FLIR PathFindIRII helps drivers get a better night vision

FLIR PathFindIRII helps drivers get a better night vision -

night driving is normally very difficult for drivers in particular when the road condition is poor, for example when road lamp crashed or bad weather. Fortunately, there is a tool on the market that might be able to help drivers to overcome these problems, FLIR PathFindIRII.

FLIR PathFindIRII is essentially a thermal night vision system that allows the driver to see clearly the dangers of the road, even if the driver is driving in total darkness. In addition to this, it is able to detect and warn the driver about nearby vehicles, people and animals.

PathFindIRII is different headlights. While headlights can allow the driver to see about 450 'straight PathFindIRII is designed to detect heat and is able to detect up to four times the distance that is covered by the headlights. Therefore, no matter what situation the driver rolls in, be it night or day, good or bad weather, he or she will be able to see clearly without having to worry about being blinded by the glare of used car headlights.

PathFindIRII system comes with a 320 x 240 thermal camera with 24 degree field of view. There is an optical heating occurs when the temperature reaches 4 ° C. In addition to this it also operates through smoke, dust and haze. It has a sturdy design so it does not break easily and installation is pretty easy to do.

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