New Technologies Found in 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class Series

New Technologies Found in 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class Series -

2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class series could have the simplest appearance than other Mercedes-Benz range. However, there are many new security features and characteristics may be semi-autonomous, which are installed in the car model.

The highlight of the car feature is characteristic of semi-autonomous security 'DRIVE PILOT' who like the Autopilot Tesla, but safer. He is able to keep the car in the hallways, even when the lane marking is unclear or may not exist. To clear path, speed up to 130 mph while for obscure paths or non-existence, the speed can go up to 81 mph. In addition to this, there is an "Active Lane Change Assist" which will help drivers each time they want to change lanes.

The car is also installed with "Director Evasive Assist ', by therefore, when it detects the car is about to collide with another car, it helps by adding exact calculated amount of extra effort to avoid a collision. If a collision is unavoidable, it emits sound inside the car to help reduce the loss of the driver and passengers of hearing.

in addition to the above features, the car is also designed to park with its' Remote functionality Parking Pilot '. therefore, if the parking space is too tight for the driver to enter the car or outside the car, the driver can get out of the car and let it tightens the parking lot. All they are performed remotely using a smartphone app.

The E-Class is the first car model Mercedes which is installed with communications Car-to-X via the system based on Wi-Fi. With this feature, the car will be able to communicate with E -class, not only, but all new cars and possibly other infrastructure that also support this communication function.

2017 car model E-Class Mercedes Benz, the company will offer 64 different colors of ambient light within which potential buyers can choose. It's very exciting, right?


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