The future of transportation for Ford

The future of transportation for Ford -

Ford considers himself part of $ 2300000000000 automotive industry where he 6 percent market share and $ 5.4 trillion transport market. The company plans to offer its vehicle not only as a material that moves a person from A to B, but rather as a platform for delivery services. In addition to this, the company will offer a global customer experience that includes autonomous driving, services, and even financing.

Ford is working with several companies such as Velodyne sensor for its ultra auto Puck hybrid solid state for mapping and precision DJI for its vehicle drone technology for emergency services. He also created his own team of researchers to experiment on vehicles that will be able to drive themselves and how to use voice control to get the car started in the morning. The company even has to offer financing services for Ford Credit. All these will fall under Ford Smart Mobility.

Ford also works with Amazon with its platform and Eco Alexa cloud device to integrate cars with other smart things in the house. Therefore, parents who are also Ford car owners will be able to do things like check if their children are already at home while they are on the way back.

Ford is able to do most things by themselves. However, the company is also looking for opportunities to work with partners to develop things together whereby both Ford and its partner will contribute to the development of this new product. He will not come into a situation where Ford is a contract manufacturer for another company.

For autonomous vehicle, the company has evolved to advanced engineering stage so that the feasibility study has been done and they are timed on how to convert into a reality.

Ford is expanding its test fleet of 10 to 30 vehicles with most work in Em City, his home turf of Dearborn. Part of the work will be done in California. Recently, the company announced that it has received the license to operate autonomous vehicles in California.


Ford is working with Velodyne to reduce the size of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor that is used to make a precision 360 degree 3D mapping surrounding area of ​​the car that is essential to have a very clear sense of what is happening in the environment for the car to take the correct driving decisions. Sensors and cameras themselves can not provide a complete picture of the environment, but the combinations of them can.

Regarding the development of autonomous vehicle from Ford, according to Don Butler, Executive Director of vehicles and related services to Ford, the technical side is really good. However, there are still challenges on how to manage the unexpected things like pedestrian or cyclist behavior of the system unable to predict. The company is also looking at the learning algorithm in depth to understand how to meet such behavior. From the technical point of view, it will take four years for self drive technology to be mature.

Another challenges are on the regulation, responsibility, social issues and the ever-changing landscape that society needs to adapt. For regulation, accountability and sides of the company, Ford is working with universities and government to overcome while focusing on the technical aspects of handling the ever-changing landscape.

Ford wants to make vehicles that meet consumer expectations. The objective of the autonomous fleet is to get driver completely out of the equation. There are two different paths that occur. One way is semi-autonomous system which is able to help with things like adaptive cruise control or automatic emergency braking stop. The other way is to be completely independent in which the vehicle can drive. However, to be completely self-Ford will have to find ways to handle the unexpected situation.

In the logistics industry, Ford is working with Telogis, a company working together with other companies to manage large fleets of vehicles. Ford offers telematics capacity, including the management and monitoring of fuel consumption, planning, logistics, map pathing and planning of these vehicles are on the market.

Ford is looking for ways to interact and intersect with areas of opportunity and understand how it can help create a new future. They are placed in the area of ​​mobility. The company has been around for 113 years and will be around for many years to come.

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