MIT professor said it would be quite silly for cars to be fully self

MIT professor said it would be quite silly for cars to be fully self -

David Mindell, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said it would be terribly stupid for cars to ever be completely self driving in an interview with news MIT. He also added that there is no evidence that full automation would improve the lot of humanity.

Instead of completely autonomous cars, Mindell said that cars should be made to be more reliable, transparent, reliable, self safely that is fully interactive. Consequently, the cars should do what the user wanted to do and that each time the user wanted it to do.

Mindell agreed that the self driving car can be used to reduce human workload, but he insisted that there should be a limit to it. No matter how the car is driving technology, but we still need humans to guide and control them to get the right information and thus ensure that behaves accordingly.

There are some examples of this. One of them is the NASA mission to the Moon. Initially, it was thought to be made fully autonomous; However, it appeared that the astronauts were still to essential inputs during turning. Another good example is commercial air travel. air system consists of a large number of highly technical systems, however, these systems are not completely perfect and therefore people are still needed to maintain the systems. Airline pilots are required to systematically detect small errors, correct them and correct controllers and air traffic

Mindell is a professor of the history of engineering and the author of "Our robots ourselves :. Robotics and the myth of autonomy "that was released recently.

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