Exploride Head Up Display Designed for any car

Exploride Head Up Display Designed for any car -

Exploride is in place for the financing of the crowd on Indiegogo. It is a head-up display or HUD option that has a separate transparent screen or can be projected on the windshield. The best thing about this device is that it can be equipped with a car, same old.

There are many things you can do with Exploride. The device has GPS, LTE, custom Google Maps which provide the best route to your destination, offline maps because it has an internal memory of 8GB, voice activated navigation to remember the route you need to take each time you are on the junction of the road, your car diagnostic information such as speed, tire pressure, odometer, fuel, engine stats and other useful data. With all these good features, we hope that your trip will be driving more enjoyable.

Exploride is normally placed on top of your car's dashboard panel, so you do not need to look elsewhere to find this information and focus on the road. In addition, the device also allows to make phone calls or rejection or even raise and lower the volume by simple gesture. As you take in the phone calls and begins to converse with the other party, you do not have to worry that the other party will certainly be able to hear your voice Exploride also comes with built in microphone that allows you to isolate the noise superior call clarity and voice commands without interruption.

out of all the wonderful features mentioned above, Exploride also supports many music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music, social media applications such as Twitter or Facebook, therefore you can access all your favorite apps in one place.

Finally, it also has a video recording function that records all things happen while you're on the road. Therefore, if something happens and you can show the recording as evidence of what happened.

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, you can do it from the site Indiegogo.

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