Congress must consider cars as connected multi Trillion Market

Congress must consider cars as connected multi Trillion Market -

connected cars found on public roads is only possible if supported by the government. Apart from the technology that is currently built by automakers and technology companies, road infrastructure is able to support the technology is also essential to make it a reality. That is why the Congress should consider as a trillion dollar market.

The idea of ​​connected cars is for cars to be able to communicate with other cars or other vehicles using vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and for cars to be able to communicate with other infrastructure such as traffic lights, road signs using vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology. All such communications need a spectrum that media to transfer information from one object to another object.

75 MHz of spectrum in the 5.9GHz band has been allocated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the automotive industry to improve transportation safety through intelligent transport systems in 1999. 2014 , senators Marco Rubio and Cory Booker introduced a Senate bill to open this spectrum to companies and non-auto users. There was no opposition from the Association of global automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, however, of this feasibility study is far from complete.

There are approximately more than 30,000 deaths happened on US roads each year. With the car technology connected using the spectrum, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) estimated at about 80 percent of it could be eliminated. With both technologies, Intersection Movement Assist and Left Turn Assist, could eliminate about 1,083 deaths and 0,000 accidents per year.

There probably will impact the opening of spectrum to the pubic. The opening of spectrum can improve trade; however, it could lead to congestion in the spectrum. The limitation of spectrum usage could lead to a safer environment. However, Congress should allow for further research before connected car spectrum reallocation.

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