Volkswagen response to redeem scandal

Volkswagen response to redeem scandal - emissions

Volkswagen has announced that the company has developed a new plan to redeem his reputation, regain the confidence of its customers and we hope to increase return revenue than it was. The plan includes electrification, hybrids with longer range and the cleanest diesel in all vehicles produced by the German automaker.

As written by the board of Volkswagen, it was decided to switch to installation only diesel drives with SCR and AdBlue technology in Europe and North America soon possible. In addition to this, it was also written that diesel vehicles are not equipped with emission controls that have used the best technology for the environment.

Volkswagen also announced its renewed commitment to diesels. The company is currently looking at the plug-in hybrid with extended range, all-electric car for the mass market that can travel more than 180 miles on one charge, as well as a new type known as "soft hybrid" cars that use 48 volt system. Apparently "mild hybrid" cars have helped Audi has established efficiency records in June.

The first car models in recall period affected by the scandal emission tests will begin in January 2016 and it is reported that Volkswagen has spent more than seven billion dollars to pay damages .


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