Driverless Taxi Taxi Service Robot seeks to launch in 2020

Driverless Taxi Taxi Service Robot seeks to launch in 2020 -

Robot Taxi is a joint venture between the company DENA Internet and driverless car technology ZMP also part of efforts the Japanese government to support technological innovation in the country. Recently the company announced that they will begin a free taxi service Cabbie test in 2016 and was intended to be fully operational for commercial purposes for the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

The test drive will be conducted in the south of Tokyo with easy routes to get passengers to their house for food stores. Apparently, south of Tokyo is considered a suburban environment where you can expect a lot of greenery and it will not be easy to get public transport to bring you from one point to another.

Like other Japanese automakers Toyota, taxi Robot consumers targeted are the elderly that Japan is one of the countries with the highest elderly populations in the world. Apart from them, the Company is also the disabled as well as visitors to Japan.

Auto Technology Driving cars is necessary to be as perfect as possible before they can be released into public use. On top of that there should be government regulations to keep it manageable in case there is crisis. Google itself has tested its own self driving cars since 09 and the company has not released a precise timetable for the official release date. It therefore seems that 5 years is a bit ambitious objective.

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