Why Driverless car could take longer than it appears

Why Driverless car could take longer than it appears -

There seems many reasons why the fully autonomous vehicles will take longer than Google wants us to believe. One of the reasons is there are ethical dilemmas that are not yet resolved. As the driverless car is programmed to avoid the collision, but if a cat suddenly ran in front of the car, it is unclear how the driverless car will handle this situation. Will shut down? Will swirl around in a circle and potentially threaten the lives of its own passengers and the lives of others? There are still doubts, unfortunately, if the technology is able to overcome such scenarios.

Another concern raised is who is to blame when there is an accident? As the driverless car is designed to reduce accidents about 0% of them are believed to have been caused by driver error, however, it is unfair to say that the car without a driver can not be the cause of the accident when it happens in the future. Even the driverless car which is being tested on US roads has already been involved in accidents.

If an accident occurs with the driverless car, if you can possess, are you responsible? Or is it the automaker? Or is the manufacturer of the part that has failed? Or is it the software company? Andreas Gissler, general manager of the automotive practice of Accenture admitted that they simply did not yet have the answer.

Stephan Appt, partner at law firm Pinsent Masons said they key issue was to find a way to allow car drivers to establish that he was not, or at least not a technical fault their car when a collision occurred. Therefore, there might be a need for the event data recorders, the same technology as that used for the black box of the aircraft built in the car. However, this way raise the issue of privacy as who has the right to access it.

In addition to this, there seems to be limitation to the technology used in the car without a driver. Sensors used in the car without a driver may not have sufficient scope to react quickly enough at high speed when something has happened ahead. Lasers and cameras are unfortunately also less effective in rain, fog or snow.

Each connected technology can not escape the security risks caused by hackings. It is the same with the driverless car. As the driverless car is designed to be able to easily access the Internet for updates to the traffic data, live streaming music, and the car to car communication could become the norm as well, and therefore, it is exposed to hacking.

Although there are still challenges, however, the idea of ​​having a car without driver seems rather interesting.

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