Automatic dongle connects your car to your Smartphone Application

Automatic dongle connects your car to your Smartphone Application -

Automatic issued a dongle that can transform your old car in a smart car. However, the key can operate from car manufactured in 1996. All you have to do is plug the dongle in the port of standard diagnostic hidden under the dashboard of your car model and the automatic application that was installed on your smartphone, you can pair the adapter and display useful information about your car and driving habits.

The dongle works with iPhone and Android. It pairs the dongle and your smartphone via Bluetooth applications and stores your travel information in the cloud. The application offers features such as engine diagnostics, parked car locator and rapid emergency response that works without you open the application.

Automatic dongle is able to work with many smartphone applications. It is suitable for a wide range of users. If you are professional users such as professional driver or fleet manager, you may want to know things like mileage or fuel cost of your vehicle; therefore, you can download applications such as Xero or FreshBooks and have the dongle to extract the necessary information from your car. If you just want to automate the hassle of everyday life and quantify your life, you can download or Pebble RescueTime know where you parked your car or analyze how you really drive respectively. If you are a new driver, carpooler or ask the mechanic to come to you, you can download or license + UnMooch to drive your teen safer driving or get smart friends for rides respectively.

Unlike Apple or Android Auto carplay who can work with the specific car model because it integrated into the automotive infotainment system, dongle does not need to do so and, therefore, it is more convenient to use and cost less than $ 100.

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