Autopilot mode Tesla Designed with security in mind

Autopilot mode Tesla Designed with security in mind -

Tesla Model S is designed with lots of interesting features and with safety in mind. He is able to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of him, braking and acceleration without compromising the security of its passengers to maintain momentum. Its sensors are mounted on the side of the car are designed to keep track of vehicles that pass through the side. If it is too close, it will be carefully steer clear while alerting the driver to take control of the car.

Tesla asked his drivers to always keep hands on the wheel, even on autopilot. It flashes a message on the dashboard "Holding the wheel" when he found that the hands of the drivers are not on the wheel.

Another interesting feature that can be found in the Tesla car is automatic lane change. When the vehicle before it falls suddenly brake car Tesla gently and it will deflect to the right. It will continue to move to the right until it can find visible way; however, if it can not find the way, it will continue to continue to keep right until the function collision avoidance detects road barriers that normally found along the road and correct the course of action automatically. Tesla drivers also have an option to take over the car manually in case if they are not comfortable with the car behavior as software may not be able to handle this kind of scenario.

Google, on the other hand, is another way to implement autonomous car technology although both Tesla and Google for similar purpose. Both companies agree that full autonomous car will be the future of the automotive industry. However, Tesla already free bits in bits characteristics towards full autonomous functionality of a car. Currently, some Tesla car models are equipped with auto parking devices or automatic lane changes. Google, on the other hand, intends to release immediately a full and independent car design does not include a steering wheel.

There were some problems with the use of the autopilot, which required Tesla to restriction and update through OTA (Over the Air) for Tesla cars out there on the market. However, a few days after the update is released, there is another video uploaded on YouTube, showing a driver Model S is filmed sitting in the back seat while the car drive itself. The video was apparently downloaded from the Netherlands.

Despite all these drivers Tesla waterfalls, the company already has some safety precautions from warnings until slowing the car down and, eventually, put off if the system detects that the driver unbuckled seat belt. However, because of the video, the company might have to rethink another solution for when and how the function can be used. It could be that Tesla needs to do so that it only works on some pre-configured in the US route.

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