Tesla Autopilot Feature on the S model tested on the roads and it was exciting

Tesla Autopilot Feature on the S model tested on the roads and it was exciting -

Tesla invited a few media people trying Model S which system has been updated with software 7.0 before the update was released through the air method. Model S has been tried traveling at a comfortable speed of 65 mph on Highway 280 outside of Palo Alto; near Tesla headquarters in California. He was able to self drive in full control, accelerate and slow down and steer themselves seamlessly.

Some critics might say that the feature is offered by many car manufacturers on the market that also come with autonomous cars but it is believed that none of them able to work as seamlessly as Tesla Autopilot. Honda, for example, its self driving car system is reported to travel a'zig zag movement between marking motorway routes while Mercedes Benz requires drivers to put their hands on the wheel at all times. Tesla, on the other hand, does not need drivers to keep hands on the wheel and is able to move as smoothly as possible with just a single configuration which is most likely done early.

It also runs the S model was also able to change lanes and overtake the slower cars. To do this, the driver would just need to point to the left and the car blend in the open left lane and immediately speed up depending on the configuration that is specified on the functionality of the Cruise Control Traffic-Aware system on the car prior. The only downside was that the car that was used for the test could not see any free parking space during the test. However, according to the representative of Tesla, the car that was used for the test has not been activated function Autopark. The Autopark function was tested in another car a few more times and it works perfectly.

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