French architect Developed Swincar for off road

French architect Developed Swincar for off road -

Pascal Rambaud is an architect for his full-time job, but it has an interesting hobby of mountain climbing and motor sports . Therefore, this hobby led him to create some vehicle that will be easier for him to really make his hobby. Previously, he developed DRIV'UP which allows it to transport go-cart easily. Recently it has developed a more complex vehicle that looks like go-kart, but it is more compact and able to navigate through difficult course. It was later known as Swincar.

Swincar is powered by electricity. It can run for four hours on a single charge. Compared to what position the ATV driver to be installed and the suspension is down, Swincar positions its driver to be at ground level and the suspension to be much higher, which is exactly the opposite of the ATC. Swincar is also equipped with skinny tires to allow it to move along difficult terrain. In addition to the vehicle also offers zero emissions and zero noise level.

For this vehicle, Rambaud has partnered with Jerome Arsac, a businessman and Theirry Jammes, an expert finance / marketing to MECANROC, the company that will manufacture and promote Swincar. It is about people who love outdoor activities as well as military and public rescue outfits such as park rangers that their potential customers. The company is also currently looking for distributors to market their product.

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