Driverless Robot Taxis can be Summoned Using Smartphone

Driverless Robot Taxis can be Summoned Using Smartphone -

Japan has an aging population, as the number of taxi drivers aged 75 and over increased every year and it is expected to exceed 5 million in three years. Therefore, the number of accidents caused by drivers aged 75 years or over increased by 20% over a decade. With the rise of driverless cars in the auto industry, Japan came out with an idea of ​​having a robotic taxi simply known as Robot Taxis and yes, there is conductive.

Robot Taxi is the result of a collaboration between ZMP, a developer of automated vehicle technology and Dena, a mobile Internet firm. They are supposed to compete with other global companies such as Google, Ford or BMW to launch an unmanned vehicle to the public.

Robot Taxi will be tested from March 2016, a major coastal city near Tokyo, Fujisawa, to transport its inhabitants from their homes to supermarkets whose distance is about 3 km along the main road city. For this to work well, it is equipped with GPS, radar and stereo vision cameras and there is also a guide who will be trained to take over the car manually if there is something the system can not handle.

If the test is successful in Fujisawa, therefore, Robot Taxi will be used to transport viewers around the Olympics in 2020.

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