Nokia HERE Maps for Essential Driverless Car

Nokia HERE Maps for Essential Driverless Car -

This is true Nokia cars are similar with Google Street View cars in terms of their appearance. However, they have another job to do. Nokia takes images of the view to render a 3D map very detailed through the mapping of reality. The result will then be used for the driverless car to navigate the streets, with street brands and the speed at which a car normally takes when he takes a corner

Nokia Here is the real cars are easy to identify. they are usually painted with bright personalized blue and white. On top of the car, there are four high-resolution cameras to capture images 360 degrees by six meters, a LIDAR system which records 700,000 points per second and capable of scanning 100 meters in all directions and a precise GPS sensor that can identify the location of cars up to centimeters.

Nokia found here rarely in the spotlight, not as much as Google and Apple. The service provided by Nokia operates normally in the background for other companies such as Bing, Yahoo, Garmin, FedEx and Oracle. Nokia recently ICI was sold to the automotive industry consortium for 2.8 billion euros, leaving the company to focus on other business (es), such as setting the equipment industry network. Nokia smartphone division was sold to Microsoft in the last few years.

Nokia HERE we hope to also provide data accurately as possible to the car without driver to move smoothly to its destination in the future.

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