General Motors Plan buying Over Cruise operator for development Autonomous vehicle

General Motors Plan buying Over Cruise operator for development Autonomous vehicle -

major car manufacturers are competing to be the first to release the self driving vehicle on the market. Aligned with this, General Motors (GM) announced that it plans to buy about Cruise Automation to help them develop self driving car technology.

Cruise automation is a start-up based in San Francisco who has the expertise to transform regular vehicles in autonomous vehicles using their own sensor technology. The company will remain independent operationally after bought over, however, the president of GM, Dan Ammann, since the technology of the company will be integrated in GM vehicles as soon as possible.


Cruise Automation developed for converting semi -Autonomous systems since 2013. However, the company moved to build a complete stand-alone technology since last year. Currently, he is looking for ways to grow and that is where GM comes in.

Earlier this year, GM has partnered with Lyft, a carpooling service, valued at 500 million $ to fund research on building a network connected to the self-driving cars. Besides that GM has also formed its own internal team of autonomous vehicle development. All these are considered the company's efforts to develop its own autonomous vehicle.

Apparently, GM is not the only automaker that is doing a partnership in the development of autonomous technology. Ford was reported to have been associated with Velodyne LIDAR, a robotics company, to develop their own self-driving vehicles. Some car manufacturers such as Tesla or Uber prefer to do their own independent technology.

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