Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Sensing Sensors Coming Soon

Jaguar Land Rover Pothole Sensing Sensors Coming Soon -

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a system that is able to inform the authority of local public works location of the pothole to they can repair immediately. The company implements the system in a Range Rover Evoque which when every time the car has found a pothole, it will record the extent of road impacts, mark their location and upload them to the cloud server which will then will warn other drivers of potential pothole in manhole cover sunken or deep storm drain.

The system consists of two optical cameras positioned close together to judge the depth to locate the hole location, take a picture and report to the local public authority work. If the driver decides to ignore the warning and then the car will be able to slow down accordingly. S-class' Magic Body Control Mercedes claims to work in the same way, however, it only works in Europe and it can not react fast enough to the potholes.

Apparently, the technology is not new as in 2011, Boston released "Street Bump" which is a smartphone application that uses the accelerometer to record the amplitude of shaking in the car and send locations city ​​Hall which will then human able to do something about it. However, it seems there is not much difference, as years after the application was released, the road to Boston is still full of potholes.

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