Toyota Lid Patents Eye Detection Technology to ensure the safety of the driver

Toyota Lid Patents Eye Detection Technology to ensure the safety of the driver -

Many road accidents occur because instead of paying attention to the road, the driver is distracted by something else, such as texting or talking on the phone. As the best solution for this is most likely a self driving, however, it will be some time before a self driving car is able to be made available to the public. Currently, the self driving car is still on the way to test for some of the technology and the automaker companies like Google and Tesla as the government is coming up with the rule and regulations to maintain the security of all .

Toyota recently patented a technology that is capable of detecting the upper eyelid of the driver and the lower eyelid and the driver uses the remote to determine the degree of eye opening. This technology is actually already exists somewhere, but whenever there is a redeye, it returns false results. Therefore, Toyota is trying to find ways to overcome this problem by adding in an algorithm to detect whether the redeye occurs when the skin is already supposed to be when the system will go back and track the exact location of the eye .

There is no further information on how the company will use the technology in their production of future car, but an accurate representation of the data is always useful. Apparently Toyota is the first and only automaker that experiments on detecting eyes, GM (General Motors) and Jaguar Land Rover is also experimenting with the idea.

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