Tesla is in the lead in terms of safety in the automotive industry

Tesla is in the lead in terms of safety in the automotive industry -

Car piracy seems to be the most common concern among automakers nowadays. It is quite surprising that the Jeep Chrysler that has been around the automotive industry for years has been hijacked by pirates in accessing the wireless car system through a hub of shared software. The company even took about a year and a half to find the flaw and send the fix by sending a USB client.

Tesla, on the other hand, is difficult to hack. Eventhough on paper, the car made by Tesla seems to be easy to hack society seems to focus more on the part of the aspect in the design of the car such as Tesla Model S. In addition, the fix for patching their vehicles fault system is by OTA (Over the Air) method. Therefore it is not surprising that Consumer Reports named Model S as choosing the car up for two consecutive years.

In addition, Tesla seems to be open on the technology used in their car. The company informs proactively media, customers and the investment community about its new features and updates unlike other automakers who seems to prefer to keep their technology secret. Tesla also wants hackers to expose its flaws in order if there are gaps with the system, the company could immediately repair and patch system of their cars through the OTA method.

Another advantage of Tesla on its competitor is that their clients are mostly people who are successful in everything they do in Silicon Valley and so they know more about cybersecurity that that are Tesla. It is probably for this reason, companies such as Ford sets up research centers in Silicon Valley.

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