Honda Civic Hybrid to Stop and Abandonment CNG models for upcoming car

Honda Civic Hybrid to Stop and Abandonment CNG models for upcoming car -
Honda made some bold changes to the car models to come from the company. The company plans to introduce a whole line-up of electric cars gradually, starting with the introduction of new generation vehicle fuel cell, and then followed by new electric model of the battery and new plug-in model hybrid. There is no confirmation on the exact release date; however, it should be somewhere in 2016 or 2017.
The Japanese manufacturer is reported to end the hybrid or natural gas model of its Civic range in late 2015 model year . It is sad news that Honda has made the promotion of CNG vehicles for many years now and they are the only car manufacturer who produce it. However, as gas fueling infrastructure is a bit complicated and it is weak consumer demand and therefore the decision was made. Despite all this, Honda promises to keep providing a high level of service to car owners CNG-fueled by its certified Honda CNG dealers.
Honda is also reported that the company will end the Plug-In Hybrid Accord as sales dropped 10% at the end of May compared to the figure of 2014. However, going to the forward, Honda will launch a new hybrid system with two motors and the hybrid system with three engines in the coming years, which promises to be very fuel efficient and higher performance.
Honda said that the company remained committed to their vision for a more sustainable mobility.
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