Daimler Truck Inspiration Cleared to drive on the roads of Nevada

Daimler Truck Inspiration Cleared to drive on the roads of Nevada -

Daimler unveiled its own self-driving truck Hoover Dam in a ceremony in May. The self driving truck is designated as Inspiration truck is the first autonomous truck to be allowed to drive on American roads. The company designed so that it can move on the road alongside cars and regular trucks. If the vehicle is successful, then another vehicle could follow, such as garbage trucks or city buses.

There are some advantages of using human autonomous truck driver truck. One of them is that the autonomous vehicle uses less fuel as it accelerates and decelerates more slowly than human pilot. Allow some autonomous trucks to travel in a convoy could be beneficial too, as a truck could draft behind another and thus reduce the air resistance, which in the end using less fuel. In addition to this, they can say anything when to slow down or speed up. Autonomous truck could also lower the number of road accidents that the study found about 0 percent of road accidents are caused by the human driver.

Inspiration truck is designed so that it can recognize the markings of the road within 100 meters and so it is able to stay on the road and equipped with a radar to detect other vehicles up to 250 meters ahead so that it can adjust the speed limit accordingly. The only drawback is that it is not completely driverless, there is still a human operator monitoring the situation on the road inside the autonomous truck. Therefore, there is a problem of security so that the human operator can try to use the system in a way that is not designed to behave in a certain way.

Inspiration yet unfortunately truck years away from commercial launch and there are a lot of tests to do on Nevada roads to improve the truck away.

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