Tesla Model X recalls in the market for Flaw Seat potentially dangerous

Tesla Model X recalls in the market for Flaw Seat potentially dangerous -

This is not the first time that Tesla recalled its products on the consumer market. Previously, the company would have reminded and it is done voluntarily its Roadster, Model S and the charging cable.

Recently the company had voluntarily recalled 2,700 units of its model X because of a flaw in the third row of seats that can be dangerous in case if an accident occurs. The owners will be contacted to schedule further replacements that should be achieved over the next five weeks. Meanwhile, the company advised them not to use the third-row seat until it is replaced.

The issue was discovered by stress testing the seats before releasing the X model in the European market. Apparently the locking hinge will occasionally fail to allow the rear seat to fold forward and so if there is an accident, there is a possibility that the file will drop. Unfortunately, it never happened before on the X model that was purchased on the market and that prevention, the company is recalling its vehicles to a replacement of the rear seat. This will not affect Model X which made after March 26 that the replacement has already been done.

Tesla outsources the rear seats to a manufacturing partner, Futuris. It seems that this incident will not affect the relationship between the two companies as well as the production of Model X. The two companies will continue working together to come up with a new design to be installed in the car model and about 750 (or more) X model units is released weekly from the factory which amounts to a total of nearly 30,000 orders to clear this year.

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