BMW Concept Sedan unveiled at Auto Guangzhou

BMW Concept Sedan unveiled at Auto Guangzhou -

BMW has always been known for its driving dynamics offer both style and latest technology for the past 40 years. Recently, the automaker has unveiled its latest car called "Sedan Concept" in China's biggest auto show, Guangzhou Auto. The small sedan can be seen as the representation of a new forward direction for the automaker German luxury.

The concept sedan will have a drive design of the front wheel which apparently different from the design of the BMW until now. Normally BMW car models have a rear or four-wheel drive platform with a front-wheel configuration. Surprisingly, many BMW car owners do not realize that their BMW cars are front-wheel drive

Therefore, because of this, BMW thought it might be easier if they just build before -. Wheel drive cars instead of building platforms for rear wheel drive that behaves like a front wheel of the driving cars. And so they came with Concept Sedan.

Some advantages for cars front wheel drive includes improving energy efficiency because it has a lighter weight, less expensive because it requires fewer hardware components for the construction and installation is not as complicated as the rear-wheel drive. There are some drawbacks, but as the front part of the car might look somewhat bulky because it is where the motors are normally installed.

Nevertheless, the Sedan Concept could end the era of BMW rear-wheel drive.


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