Top 5 Ingenious car Smart Technologies in the automotive industry

Top 5 Ingenious car Smart Technologies in the automotive industry -

Safety is a priority in the design of motor car. There is good news that, apart priority to the safety of passengers of the car, automakers are also looking for ways to improve the safety of people and animals around the car. Here is latest automotive safety technology that has been in the top 5 in the current automotive industry.

Land Rover and Volvo has a similar technology that is able to minimize the impact of injuries in case if a pedestrian is hit by a car. Land Rover has a function Land Rover Discovery which consists of a sensor tube installed in the front bumper. If the sensor detects an impact when an airbag is deployed in front of the windshield and it will be minimized.


Volvo City Safety is a function that is able to detect oncoming cars, pedestrians and cyclists at speeds up to about 30 MPH. Therefore, this feature is able to help drivers avoid collisions during turns or frontal collision or sudden cyclists cross the path of the car.


BMW 7 series, Mercedes Benz S Class and Audi A8 and some other car models have a feature that is able to identify objects when driving at the time of the night, which may be difficult to see with the headlights.


Toyota has a function of Speak Easy making it easier for the driver to talk to the passenger third row. Therefore, instead of parents turn his head for just driving to talk with their children, they can just communicate using this feature.


Cadillac mirror rear camera provides 300 percent more vision of a standard mirror. Currently, this feature can be found in Cadillac CT6 and XT5.


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