Tesla Model S First ever TV advertisement shows the advantage of its Autopilot Feature

Tesla Model S First ever TV advertisement shows the advantage of its Autopilot Feature -

Closer to the release of Tesla Model S, the company released its first TV advertisement showing how to use his Autopilot feature to its full potential. With one button click 'Summon', the function is activated. It is so easy!

The function of Autopilot allow the car to start, drive out of the garage and go to the place where the owner is waiting to jump in the car. If the garage is not automatic, the car owner can install EVE Connect application of Tesla to control smartphone garage doors and dashboard. Unfortunately, it comes with an additional cost.

After the car hit the road, it is able to travel through the curves in the road, follow the flow of traffic, and detect if the car in the next lane tries to exceed or if the car in the next lane is too leads to him. In addition to this, it is able to change lanes with a tap and once it reaches its destination, it is even able to park itself.

Tesla drivers necessary to get their hands on the wheel throughout the trip as stated in the advertisement. It is a form of precaution so as not to cause harm to themselves or others around them. There are some videos uploaded to Youtube showing some Model S owners are cascaded with the car model and ended up causing accidents. The company was to find ways to prevent this incident from happening again. One of them is putting more restrictions to existing restrictions that were already implemented in the car model


Autopilot Tesla is not fully functional yet. However, updates on what can be done with an S over-the-air (OTA) to model which allows them to do some self-driving features such as automatic steering, lane change and control speed.

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